Medstart Website Redesign

Working from a brief provided by the MedStart director to design up a new userflow and provide wireframes to the visual designer I set out gathering information about the existing UMAT coaching market.

Splitting the market into direct competitors, secondary competitors and influencers I built a spreadsheet outlining each competitors offering, the experience of using their websites and data such as site traffic and referral sources.

After gathering the data I provided the director with a slide deck outlining the state of the industry and potential opportunities for growth within the market.

Focusing on the website user journey I set about building the site map, refining the flow so as to remove any superfluous links or friction that would detract from a site that could convert potential customers.

Working on a responsive 12 column bootstrap grid I slowly built up the resolution of the wireframes to a stage where we could test a working prototype.

Building an interactive prototype within Adobe XD I emailed out a link to all key stakeholders for user testing the user flow.

Based on the feedback minor alterations were made before handing over to a visual designer who built up the wireframes into high resolution screen designs which were passed onto our web developers for building.