Learning Management Design

As the Design & Technology Lead at Talent 100, one of my core responsibilities at was the design, launch and support of their new Learning Management System.

Having worked with the Blackboard LMS as a member of the Flexible Learning Team at UTS between 2002 – 2008 I had a solid background and experience to working with a large online learning environments.

With term 4 coming to a close and the new academic year starting in January 2017 I was brought in to help move Talent 100’s existing custom Moodle LMS over to the new Canvas environment.

Canvas is a recent player within the Online Learning space. It’s key selling points are it’s cloud based environment and modern simple UI. The course page designs are built within a simple css grid which although being responsive were nested within a non-responsive framework. Canvas works around this by providing an application to be used on mobile.

Working with Canvas support we were able to migrate the content from the old moodle platform using a combination of spreadsheets and javascript to make sure the different subjects were only available at specific times.

After the first couple of terms we started a process of moving all of the quizzes and tests across from what was a paper based experience to an interactive one, making the marking and reporting of grades much faster and easier.