Feedback Reports Product Design

After our initial round of customer research and online mid-term surveys we discovered that one of our customer’s main pain points was the quantity and quality of student feedback received.

There was one thing they could change to make their experience better at Talent 100 it would be better quality student feedback more often.


Prior to my arrival at Talent 100 (November 2016) student reports were prepared Termly (4 times a year) in inDesign (Adobe CS print software), then printed and posted to customers.

The cost and time taken to prepare, print, pack and post the reports was very high. A team of 4 would work full time over 2-3 weeks preparing and posting the reports.

Although there was a benefit to receive a printed document (a tangible item that is ‘received’) it was not providing parents with the benefit they were asking for – which was to receive more feedback, more often.


After launching our brand new learning management system (Canvas) the transition to an online – either flipped, blended or purely online model – would open up the potential of utilising the data that was being generated through homework, quizzes and attendance.


Canvas had it’s own reporting system – but it was basic and not suitable for customer facing use. With the help of a developer we were able to build API’s across a couple of Talent 100’s systems to display into a dynamically generated dashboard for individual students and their parents.


We were able to save over $25,000 on printing and labour costs while providing a real time dynamic reporting system for students and parents.