Mobile App Project

Based on our previous workshops and user research we uncovered major pain points and friction across the user journey.

Following IDEO’s human centred design approach we moved into a more lean model as we started to develop prototypes and MVP’s which we could test and iterate across our user/customer base.


In the previous 12 months, Talent had invested heavily into it’s IT systems to allowing room to scale – but in doing so had ignored the user experience.


Utilising our student information system, CRM and LMS a new UI was designed to provide our customers and staff with key tools & functions they could utilise to help action the tasks and iron out the pain points that were getting in the way of a positive company experience.


Mobile Prototype


Using Adobe XD to mock up a low resolution prototype I was able to trial and test each user account (Parent, Student, Academic) for usability and functionality.



Huw Jones

Date & Time

November 13, 2017