Design Workshops

The first step in any user centered design process is the coming together of all the major stakeholders.

A small group of key stakeholders usually start the process off by workshopping – through to defining the core problem you wish to solve.

Usually organised and facilitated by a designer within the group (preferably a UX, CX or Interactive – depending on the business needs)┬áit is important to encourage key stakeholders to participate in an initial workshop where everyone has a voice in defining the design problem that needs to solved.

At Talent 100 we utilised IDEO’s Human Centred Design Thinking framework, our first small workshop of 6 key stakeholders we defined the problem we were looking to solve based upon the 2017 strategic plan which was launched a few weeks earlier.

How do we simultaneously achieve quality learning and frictionless service for parents & students at the lowest cost to the business?

After defining the problem we interviewed a combination of students, staff, parents and industry specialists with the goal of uncovering insights into our design problem.

During this process the interviews were documented and brought to a second workshop with the same stakeholders. Where we discussed and interpreted what was uncovered.

This interpretation process gave us major areas where there was ‘crossover’ and we started to get some clarity on areas that could help us answer our design problem.





Huw Jones

Date & Time

October 30, 2017