Huw Jones May 27, 2013

The Photocurator was designed to be easily removed from the wall without leaving marks . But yesterday afternoon I received an email from a customer (who was renting) and was now having difficulty rolling the Photocurator mounts from her wall.

As a renter I designed the Photocurator so they could be easily rolled/removed from most painted surfaces without causing any marks or damage, so any email like this worries me.

Therefore I have put together this step-by-step (hopefully fool-proof) guide on how to remove the occasional stubborn mount – without causing any surface damage.

The tape composition

Tape Composition

The Photocurator is held to the wall by a light weight foam tape. This tape has a thin film of double sided tape that separates the foam component from the wall. Usually the Photocurator is removed by rolling the mount to the side rather than pulling it directly off the wall, but for this demonstration we will use a thin fishing line to remove the mounts

Fishing line

Fishing Line

A small length of fishing line can be used to break through the foam component of the tape and release the Photocurator from the wall. Firstly cut a length of approximately 30 cm of 0.30mm (thin) fishing line from the roll. Wrap the line around your fingers on each hand and place at the top of the Photocurator.

The Technique

pull down

Slowly pull the fishing line downwards between the wall and the Photocurator. This will cut through the foam component and release the photocurator from the wall. Tip: to help with cutting through the foam with the fishing line move from side to side while moving downwards.

Removing the Film

remove film

After releasing the mount you might have the thin film tape still attached to the wall. This can be easily removed by slowly peeling from the top corner downwards.