Huw Jones April 8, 2014

After many years renting in small urban apartments around Sydney, Singapore and New Zealand I became increasingly frustrated with the restrictions placed on me by my somewhat transient lifestyle.

As a designer I took it upon myself to solve this problem by creating a new and unique picture display system that was simple, clean and modern.

The key problems I wished to solve were that I needed to put the images onto the wall without making new holes and then be able to remove them (even after a couple of years) without leaving marks/residue or taking paint off the wall. Being a designer I also wanted to be able to update my images as my tastes changed, so interchangeability was also an important feature.

After a couple of years of testing various methods I launched the Photocurator. The Photocurator is a fast, modular system for displaying 6″x4″ (10cmx15cm/4R) photographic prints on the wall. A small photo clip which uses the tension of the photographic paper to hold the print in place. Each clip held to the wall using a revolutionary new tape called Remo One which I discovered from a specialist adhesive company in the United States.

Not long afterwards I was able to scale up the Photocurator to hold much larger image sizes (A4, 8×10, A3) and launched the new Curator Clip framing system. It was with this new type of picture frame that my new company (The Curator Company) was able to expand.

Built from sustainable materials with a gallery grade plexiglas® cover, the Curator® Clip could be placed on any wall surface (plaster, cement, wood) without the need to drill holes, hammer nails or screw screws. They were interchangeable, repositionable, removable and didn’t leave any marks when taken down.

At present the patent pending Curator® Clip and Photocurator are being produced in Australia and shipped all around the world through our website