Fast Changeable Photowall

Quickly and easily display your photographic prints on the wall.

What is Photocurator?

The Photocurator is a modular photowall display clip designed to hold 10cm x 15cm photographic prints on your wall.

Using a removable adhesive foam tape, the Photocurator attaches to painted and unpainted hard surfaces of varying texture (bricks and rough walls work fine).

Each clip can be cleanly removed without leaving residue or removing paint and repositioned up to 10 times before replacing the adhesive.

How do they work?

Place a Photocurator clip on each end of the included measuring guide. 

Remove the backing paper from the adhesive pads and press onto the wall surface.

Remove the mounting guide and place a 10cmx15cm photographic print into the Photocurator clips.

Make sure each photograph is printed on a good quality photographic paper of 200gsm or better.

If you wish to re-position or remove your Photocurator clip then roll each clip to the side.

Each clip can be repositioned up to 15 times on a clean painted surface before needing to replace the tape.

How do I get Started?

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Each packet of Photocurator contains 10 clips with the removable adhesive applied. A 10cmx15cm (6″x4″) guide is included so you can place your clips the right distance apart.

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Reviews & Testimonials

I love that they are easily inter-changeable – it’s a super simple and easy way to live with your photos. Great, innovative product.

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Ali Edwards
Memory Keeping For The Modern
Oregon, USA

I found and fell in love with the Photocurator back in 2008. It’s a designers dream – I’ve got my Indonesia trip on my wall – we’ve just done Egypt and India so my cluster is growing.


Kish + Co
Melbourne, VIC

The Photocurator makes an ideal alternative to magnetic frames (which you can really only use on the fridge) and I think pictures grouped in a mix of landscape and portrait formats would look terrific.

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Sydney, NSW
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