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The clips attach to walls & surfaces using a specialist removable adhesive tape.

Once attached they will remain attached without falling. The tape removes cleanly and can be re-applied 10-20 times.

FAQ_WallThe Photocurator will attach to cement, brick, plaster, plasterboard, wood, tile & glass.

A small amount of wall texture is not a problem as we use a foam tape.


Yes, the clips are semi-permanent and will release easily & cleanly from the wall.

Rolling each clip to the side rather than pulling directly will release the clip so it can be re-applied 10-20 times.


Each Photocurator packet contains Ten clips and a positioning template guide.

If you use two clips per photo this will display five photographs.


The Photocurator holds a standard 6"x4"/10cmx15cm/4R photograph or postcard.

They also hold 4"x4" instagram prints and panoramic prints.


Ali Edwards
I love that they are easily inter-changeable - it's a super simple and easy way to live with your photos. Great, innovative product.
Ali Edwards Memory Keeping For The Modern

I found and fell in love with the Photocurator back in 2008. It's a designers dream - I've got my Indonesia trip on my wall - we've just done Egypt and India so my cluster is growing.
Karishma Kish + Co

The Curator makes an ideal alternative to magnetic frames (which you can really only use on the fridge) and I think pictures grouped in a mix of landscape and portrait formats would look terrific.
Katrina Babyology