Huw Jones June 26, 2012

Photo wall hung straight

One of the trickiest parts to hanging any photo wall is getting the images lined up in a straight line.

Online you will find a few good tutorials on hanging a photo wall. Many that I have come across suggest placing large sheets of ‘building paper’ on the floor, laying out your frames on top of the paper, tracing the frames, cutting out the shapes… etc etc… anyway, with the Photocurator photo wall mounts this style of composition doesn’t really suit.

The Photocurator is designed to be placed on the wall quickly and easily. So I found this neat little trick that can help you get a straight line to help place your photographs straight.

If you are planning to put up a massive photo wall then you really can’t go past using a laser level. I picked up one of these at my local hardware warehouse quite cheaply.

But if you have just picked up a pack or two and you are wanting to line them up straight with little added expense then I can recommend using the string and two pieces of ‘tack’ method.

Firstly cut a piece of string to the length you are wanting your photo wall to be.

The tacky stuff

I used a piece of ‘clean clay’ as it’s all I had around the house but any tacky stuff will work – just make sure it doesn’t leave marks!

Attach a piece of tacky stuff to each end of the string and place up on the wall as straight as you can.

Hanging a straight line

It looks straight to me

Because you are placing a line on the wall you can more easily see if the line is straight or not. If it isn’t just unstick one end and move it up or down to get it straight.

Hanging them straight

Once the line is there hanging them straight is incredibly easy

Once you are happy with the line start placing your Photocurator mounts along the line – ta da!

Photo wall hung straight

The finished result – nice and straight!