Huw Jones May 3, 2012


Close up graphic photo wall

The Photocurator is a great way to get your snapshots on the wall but it is also an easy and affordable way to create a graphic, decorative photo display.

While working through some ideas for my last photo wall, I began to look at moving away from composing a photo wall of memories and had a go at creating some interesting visual patterns – freshening up one of my walls with a colourful, graphic photo display.


The Blank Wall

The first wall I had in mind was the wall behind my computer – a small space, so the photo wall would be tightly spaced and therefore probably punchier than if it was a large-spaced-out photo display.

The wall behind my desk is a light, off-white colour and I felt the best way to break up this empty flat surface was to look at using some strong bright colours.

Wall by Computer

Being a big fan of Rosalie Gascoigne’s typographic assemblages, I felt her style of using contrasting colour (black and yellow) and broken up shapes would be a good place to start for my photo display.

As I was going to use black, yellow and probably red images I felt I would use the black photocurator. The black photocurator probably best serves this type of photo wall as I was wanting the images to contrast with the off-white wall.

To get a graphical Rosalie Gascoigne look, I snapped a few signs while walking to the local shops. I wanted to get close up shots with strong bright contrasting colours – something signs are good for! You can see some of my results below:

519 signinfo signdollars signclicquot signageEscalator close up

The Photo Wall

Photo Wall Graphic treatment


Graphic Photo WallGraphic Photo Wall Close upGraphic Photo Wall close upGraphic Photo Wall close upGraphic Photo Wall close up

My photo display has now taken shape and with the ability to quickly swap the images around I can tweak my display (just like you can do with your snapshots) as well as change the wall composition by rolling the mounts off the wall and reattaching where I want.

If you want to try this out I have uploaded the photoshop files with black frames in jpeg format in this directory.  Feel free to play around with them!