Huw Jones May 25, 2012
boys room

A nice big blue wall, just perfect for some white photocurators

Because the Photocurator is so easy to change and won’t fall off the wall, they have become quite popular with young families.

I had just become a new parent before launching the Photocurator photo wall in 2008, and it was during this time I found myself utilising their inter-changeability to display on the wall my new library of family photos.

Over the last couple of years while promoting the Photocurator at various events, I met quite a few parent’s who saw the Photocurator as the perfect way to display photos in their children’s bedroom. This came as a bit of a surprise as I had never thought of putting up a photo wall in my kid’s bedroom – my photo walls had always been in other areas of the house like the hallway or main living room.

What images to display

green photo wall display

Most of my previous photo walls were of holiday snapshots or documenting my new family. None really felt suited to being included in a kids bedroom design.

Not saying my children didn’t love looking at themselves playing with friends and relatives on their recent holidays, but this documentary style photo wall did not really fit in as the type of wall decor you would find in a kid’s bedroom.

Now children’s bedroom design has never really been my forté (bedroom design in general is an area I definitely need assistance with) so it took a little online research before the obvious was made plain to see. If I was to create wall decor for their room it should be based around their interests rather than mine.

So with this in mind I went straight to my kid’s books & toys for some more research.

The Selection

T-rex Toy


Pulling together a number of their favourite toys (and a sheet of card or fabric to use as a backdrop) I decided to set them up for a quick photo shoot.

Of course once the toys all came out my youngest started to get excited about photographing them. This made everything a lot easier as the ‘toy casting’ for the photo wall bedroom design photo shoot was in the capable hands of my 3 year old son. We had a great time snapping his toys, taking turns with the camera,  positioning the toys and editing out the bad images.

Assembling the Photo wall

I didn’t give much thought to the final layout of the photo wall. I cut up the digital images in photoshop as I outlined in this previous post then put up a grid of Photocurator mounts on the wall I had in mind.

kids photo wall
It felt a little counter intuitive not to plan the wall collage, but the ability to put them up, swap the images and then to easily remove the Photocurator mounts, made it flexible enough to create & change on the go.

The photo collage above is just a moment in time of a few of my children’s favourite toys and will get updated as their tastes change. With a little thought and another photo activity or two their new photo wall will work with any type of bedroom design.