Persona Development

Defining your customer’s needs, wants & pain points into a working persona document begins initially through your own experiences and assumptions about your customers.

The persona is a very helpful document that needs to be segmented across different user groups and later validated through user research.

Before entering into the user interview research phase a provisional persona is developed outlining the customer’s description, their behaviours, needs and goals.  This provisional persona helps align the team’s empathetic connection with the customer.

During and after the interview stage the persona is updated to a validated version where the customer’s needs, wants and pain points are documented and ready to be used in workshops and in the development of the business’ value proposition.

Using’s Value Proposition Canvas you are able to align the validated persona with the business’ products and services so as to have a better aligned product market fit. This provides the business with a coherent value proposition which it can use within it’s marketing collateral as well as providing the tone and copy within it’s messaging so as to communicate more clearly to customers across the business’ multiple user touch points.




Huw Jones

Date & Time

October 21, 2015