Huw Jones May 25, 2014

The simple addition of family pictures, artwork or photographs from your travels is a surefire way to making your home on wheels feel warmer and truly yours.

But unlike a stationary home, a simple nail or hook doesn’t work as well when you are traveling down the freeway at 80 kmh turning corners, going over bumps and coming to the occasional sudden stop. The last thing you want to hear is the sudden crash as your frames free fall or slide back and forth across your wall leaving behind hard to remove scuff marks.

Interchangeable Picture FrameAs RV interior walls are generally made from thin panelling surfaces, hammering in nails or screws is usually not an option many would want to try. This is where the new Australia made and designed Curator® Clip range of interchangeable, repositionable frames can help make decorating easier and your moving home more homely.

Using a sustainably sourced bamboo along with a gallery grade plexiglas, the Curator® Clip attaches and removes from painted and RV panelling surfaces easily and cleanly without leaving behind any marks.

Whether you are traveling through the cooler climates of Tasmania or the heat of the Northern Territory, the Curator® Clip frames will remain comfortably attached to RV walls under temperatures in excess of 65 degrees or as low as -30 degrees celsius.

Removing and repositioning the frames can be done easily by twisting the wooden sides and moving them to another location.

Top photo of the Sentinal Range in Tasmania was taken by Bill Higham and displayed under Creative Commons license