Digital Strategy

Start with the problem and put the user at the centre.

From defining the problem to researching your competitors and users through to prototyping, testing and quantifying outcomes – a digital strategy always has to come back to the user.

At Talent 100 we run Design Workshops to facilitate communication and collaboration between team members and their various skill sets.

This process helps to encourage a collaborative team spirit which opens up communication of the issues that customers face as they interact with the business.

After defining then refining the problem down into a statement of intent, we then begin to dig into any data across our systems looking for insights that could shed light on the issues that are relevant to the design problem.

At the same time as looking at the data, interviews with customers are scheduled so we can uncover more emotional insights around the design problem that could infer any friction, needs or wants they experience when interacting with the business.

As we meet and talk with our customers we begin to validate and get a clearer picture of our customer.

Over the following weeks meetings and workshops are scheduled with team members to brainstorm, sketch, prototype and test through small UI/UX experiments which are tested internally for feedback or externally through and A/B or multi-variant testing.

Each design is then improved upon based on data and feedback rather than assumptions – which in turn solves the design problem and provides a much improved user experience and business outcomes.



Huw Jones

Date & Time

October 31, 2017