Data Insights & Reporting

Understanding the key metrics behind the actions of your customers, prospects, users and competitors can give a business powerful insights which can greatly assist in developing, monitoring and maintaining a digital strategy.

When combined with user interviews, a solid picture of your product, customers, prospects and competitors can form providing validation for business and design decisions.

Initially packages such as Google Analytics can provide good insights into a user journey, how various company touch points convert as well as referral sources. When combined with products such as SemRush which provides you with data into your competitor’s digital footprint.

With data being gathered across multiple touch points (social, web, mobile, CRM, EDM etc), dashboard design also plays a roll on displaying the key metrics in one location for easy viewing. Tools such as Cyfe provide an easy single point to view multiple dashboards (depending on your needs).



Huw Jones

Date & Time

October 30, 2017