MedStart Rebuild

November 18, 2017

Working from a brief provided by the MedStart director to design up a new userflow and provide wireframes to the visual designer I set out gathering information about the existing UMAT coaching market. Splitting the market into direct competitors, secondary competitors and influencers I built a spreadsheet outlining each...

Mobile App Project

November 13, 2017

Based on our previous workshops and user research we uncovered major pain points and friction across the user journey. Following IDEO’s human centred design approach we moved into a more lean model as we started to develop prototypes and MVP’s which we could test and iterate across our user/customer...

Website UX Improvements

November 13, 2017

The Talent 100 website UX project began in September 2017 with the following objectives:   To streamline the online path to enrolment, making it easier for students and parents to discover and enrol with us all online. To increase qualified leads through more relevant content and better SEO. To...

Landing Page Lead Generation

November 13, 2017

New Learning Management System

November 13, 2017

One of my core responsibilities at Talent 100 was the design, launch and support of their new Learning Management System.   Having worked with the Blackboard LMS as a member of the Flexible Learning Team at UTS between 2002 – 2008 I had a solid background and experience to...

Student Dashboard

Feedback Reports

November 13, 2017

After our initial round of customer research and online mid-term surveys we discovered that one of our customer’s main pain points was the quantity and quality of student feedback received. Along with our parent interviews, 34% of our customers responded to our mid-term survey and told us if there...

Liveable Sydney Smart City Research

November 10, 2017

Many ‘Smart City’ initiatives are either technology driven or a ‘top down’ rather than a ‘bottom up’ process. This has lead to many unsuccessful projects where billions of dollars has been spent on ‘smart’ technology that either reminds people of ‘Big Brother’ gathering data on you or is seen...

Digital Strategy

October 31, 2017

Start with the problem and put the user at the centre. From defining the problem to researching your competitors and users through to prototyping, testing and quantifying outcomes – a digital strategy always has to come back to the user. At Talent 100 we run Design Workshops to facilitate communication...

Research and Analysis of the Competition

October 31, 2017

“Doing solid investigative market research is like peeling an onion. The more layers you peel, the more you reveal. And it also might bring tears to your eyes if you discover that your product vision is not actually unique. But don’t you want to know what it will take...

Designing Communications

As the Design & Technology Lead at Talent 100 and Design Director and The Curator Company, the UI/UX role would also involve designing & developing digital collateral customers would experience on their journey/path with the client or business. Whether through on-boarding a new customer or building drip campaigns to...

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