Huw Jones April 11, 2014

Since launching the Photocurator at Sydney Design 08, The Curator Company has been manufacturing in Australia.

Initially the Photocurator was hand cast from my garage in Bondi, but due to the rapid uptake we were able to begin manufacturing in a small factory Marrickville (Sydney, inner west).

Since launching the Curator Clip in 2013 we have continued to maintain our manufacturing base in Australia with the bamboo sides being machined in Melbourne and the plexiglas covers cut and bent in Brisbane.

Instead of designing products that mimic what already exists (but in a different colour or style) and therefore having to compete globally on price. We use the design process as an opportunity to look at what materials can be used and how they can be machined efficiently.

We currently produce the Photocurator and Curator Clip in small production runs.

This allows us not to have too much capital tied up in stock and gives us the flexibility to increase production when needed or make small changes as we get customer feedback.

In a fast changing world, manufacturing in Australia has given us the flexibility to remain competitive in our segment.