Huw is a strategically driven user-centred designer with over 20 years of experience creating clean, innovative and frictionless interfaces, experiences, flows and journeys.


Over this time Huw has experience working for interactive agencies, SME’s and large institutions in Sydney, Singapore and New Zealand designing, producing and refining digital products for B2B, B2C and research.


As a senior/lead designer Huw has worked within and across teams of various sizes using either a lean, agile or waterfall methodology.


As a user-centered designer, Huw enjoys the process of uncovering customer/user insights through interviews, surveys and data to inform the design process and is comfortable articulating design decisions to executives, managers, developers and other designers to help drive projects through to conclusion.


Huw is a lifelong learner and is constantly updating and refining his knowledge of design processes and new technology to assist in delivering positive outcomes.