Bedroom design photo wall for kids

May 25, 2012

Because the Photocurator is so easy to change and won’t fall off the wall, they have become quite popular with young families. I had just become a new parent before launching the Photocurator photo wall in 2008, and it was during this time I found myself utilising their inter-changeability...

bridge split photowall

A Photo wall in pieces

Last week I had a look at taking photos of signage, abstracting them into graphic shapes and presenting them as a small photo wall. This has now encouraged me to look at cutting up one single photograph into multiple 6’x4′ images. As digital cameras are now producing images at...

Wall by Computer photowall

Photo wall display ideas

May 3, 2012

  The Photocurator is a great way to get your snapshots on the wall but it is also an easy and affordable way to create a graphic, decorative┬áphoto display. While working through some ideas for my last photo wall, I began to look at moving away from composing a...

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