Creative Digital Design

Whether it is designing a refined UI or a frictionless UX, The Curator Company works with brands to develop and present their digital voice across mobile & desktop.


In 2015 the Aeratron fan company entered the US market with it’s unique range of ceiling fans. “Our market & distribution had changed and we needed a different brand identity”

Cruise Passenger

Established Cruise Magazine Cruise Passenger was looking for an online revitalisation after 10 years of growth in a highly competitive rapidly changing marketplace.

The Stock Merchant

Looking for a new responsive and contemporary website after finding it’s online presence gaining large amounts of traffic based around it’s new range of bone broth products.

Small Business

From soloists to entrepreneurs, The Curator Company has worked with many small business owners to help voice their key value statements online.


Innovative Product Design

From conceptualising a new product through to strategy and user experience, The Curator Company works across hardware, software, UI/UX, Virtual Reality and the Internet of Things.


Launched in 2008 the Photocurator is a unique design for displaying photographic prints on the wall. interchangeable, removable and repositionable.

Curator Clip

An innovative framing system designed & built using sustainably sourced bamboo sides and gallery grade plexiglas, sleek & modern in appearance, innovative in it’s ease of use.


Bridging the Gap between the Digital & Physical. In March 2014 the Curator Company began working on a smart space, embedded technology project called Habitus.

Liveable Sydney

Creating a citizen focused ‘Smart City’ demands a bottom up approach to building a liveable urban environment. With this in mind The Curator Company set up Liveable.Sydney